"No Cares" - @shinsanity97 - feat. Giuliana Official BTS Video


Son of Paper's first drop of the #yearofthedog is here! "No Cares" feat. Giuls Lee is their second collaboration after "Location Remix." Stream SOP's first project, Fuzzy Orbit EP, on https://www.sonofpaper.com/ Produced by Rymeezee at Sunset YOUTH Services in San Francisco, CA. Cover art by Chloe Hsuchloehsu.com In "No Cares," SOP & Giuliana represent Asian-American music and Bay Area's music scene. The lyrics explore the impact of scarce Asian-American representation in media, television and music on a young Asian-American male. Without a role model on the big screen, SOP found himself taking out his frustrations on his relationships. While his frustrations never turned to physical violence, his lack of care for others had an unforgivable emotional impact on those close to him. SOP believes that this is a serious issue in the Asian-American community that must be discussed and rectified. Being able to reflect on his experience and grow from it has helped SOP be a better and more loving partner today. If you want to download this track and find out more, visit https://sonofpaper.bandcamp.com/releases

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